Sitemap - 2022 - Arty Har-Hars

a last day of the year poem

a very iris christmas (my grandmother weighs in on some holiday jokes of mine)

Remember how many people are striving to open their Third eye when someone calls you Four-Eyes.

the iris Xmas archives!

a quick bonus fun from the iris archives: my grandmother was/is/always shall be A HOOT!

8 jokes for Hanukkah (there was only supposed to be enough humor for one Hanukkah joke but miracle of miracles...)

the iris archives: trans women are women

it's an Iris Archives miracle! turns out there are enough stories about my grandma to last for infinite forevers, not just one forever

another hot one from the iris archives, where my grandmother provides cold hard facts!

my grandmother's birthday week continues with a scary story (where everything ends well, in the context of the story)!

happy birthday to my grandma iris who i love very much and maybe is the reason i'm a comedian even though she would have preferred i be a doctor

ready, set, goals!

a short afternoon poem

thumb-things happening here

pro tip: read this quick gem from the iris archives about pro tips (if you'd like to)

this, hat, and the other!

now i know my Acid Blues Cats!

“dinner is at 4pm. i don’t like it being so late, but i’ll take a nap.” -- my grandmother, in a thanksgiving tale from the iris archives

a thanksgiving sonnet

my gratitude to you for being here in this wordplayground!

magician impossible

the iris archives: "I have no idea what this is about. Fun reading anyway."

babies, butterflies, becoming (three jokes about changes)

elephant haiku / followed by bowling haiku / then one more haiku

the iris archives: "I either love you or not, no matter what your sexual preference is."

the solar system, sports teams, and comedians

my grandma liked to SAY WHATEVER SHE WANTED (and i do, too. so, what do i want to say?)

what's your favorite dream remembering?

i can't believe it's not buddha

how on earth do you remember the order of all the jokes in your set??

Some wizards are wise. Other wizards are otherwise. I adore what I said there, seeing it through lover-eyes. (a morning pages rhyme)

a crow walks into a bar

quotes and boats and votes!

the iris archives, volume 2: be a puppy

Music, Oh Music

what do PJ Harvey, the Incredible Hulk, and a French morning radio DJ have in common?

A Real Time-Saver (ARTS!)

it's easy to love your loved ones (that's why they're called that), but have you tried loving those who AREN'T your loved ones?

the princess bride, cheers, and more!

when kiss met kismet


what do you want to be when you grow up and over and through and between and beyond?

the iris archives, part 1

my birthday gifts to you

i don't want to yuck your yom (kippur)

wolverine, jesus, the beatles, and the little rascals

atheism, buddhism, and cool-ism

expand your comfort zone (advice for a comedian friend who requested it, and also for anyone else who wants it!)

AA, Bee, Sea

now i know my ABQs

a night off is also a night on (advice for someone who asked and also anyone else who would like to receive it)

a tonic balm

avocados, cookies, and holding your body completely still (three jokes, and more!)

the simple answer is that it's difficult! (advice to someone who asked for advice on writing, which i share with all who might like to receive it)

i am shel silverstein meets wolverine

caught between a rock and a paper/scissors place

it's about the journal, not the destination (journaling about journaling)

leaping, beeping, and sleeping

owls, hurricanes, and truth balms

doing MY best vs being THE best (advice that someone asked for after reading my last offering of advice that someone asked for)

acro(nym)batics & more!

two tickets to paradox

advice on how to be confident, which i tell you all IN CONFIDENCE!

YouTubers (online jokes about potatoes)

past, present, future, AND MORE!

how i learned to do comedy the way i do comedy

polly wanna crack wise

i'm the king of the world of titanic jokes!

giving myself advice about comedy

angels, board games, coroners, devils, everything, fun, games of board, happiness, and i don't have room to do the rest of the alphabet but i hope you enjoy these silly jokes!

the light IN the tunnel

Jokes About Bones! a J.A.B. to your funny bones!

at one point, i thought my greatest artistic work was a chunk of jokes about the movie "snakes on a plane." (advice to myself and others who might want it)

what happens in vegans...

originality: an origin story (advice for someone who asked for it and also for anyone else who wants it!)

night of the living deed

happy birthday robin williams. here are some jokes i wrote that aren't about you. i love you!

slump up the jam!

the ABCs of lemons, batman, and arthurian knights

jokes about angela lansbury, nancy drew, and other mysteries/myqstories

new kid on the writer's block!

fast food funs!

'Bot to the Bone

inosculated, praxis, and scintillate

buzz lightyear, the beatles, and money!

the secret of (acro)NYMs!

Here is this week's bonus "Broccoli and Ice Cream" podcast episode with my guest Matthew Broussard: comedian, math-lover, friend, and more! We get (close) to the bottom of all of math and comedy!

if you long for jokes that are short...


Mom's the word!

turtles, werewolves, and the odyssey

sometimes let them see you sweat

this is a whole rigmarole

i also have a very particular set of skills

keeping a healthy perspective on comedy

if this horse is a-rockin'...

carl sagan, captain hook, and sisqó

to heck with the chart, let's check with the heart!

are we here yet?

i'd like to give you peace of mind > i'd like to give you a piece of my mind

heat ray love

club hub hubbub, bub!

music to my eyes

fables, music, and glasses

advice for an any-year-old

but what happens when god closes a WINDOW?

job joke joy

3 pals in drome

may the 2nd be with you

happily ever laughter

everything bagels!

game of phones

two jerry maguire jokes and one shakespeare one

the pot-riarchy

c'mere, mere miracle

thank Good it's Friday

anagrams, bands, clark kent, die hard, etc.

love, lumber, and the second amendment

"A" game, Beeswax, Cauliflower, and a Dialogue

back to the future, transformers, and albany

happy april sincerity day!

the ace/time continuum

T God IF

wednesday friendsday againsday!

lucy in the sky, bill and ted in the machine of time, and carl sagan in the universe with the apple pie

Iris sure put the I in raInbows (bonus grandma memorial thoughts)

tales from the iris archives (a real memorial memo)

funs and roses and monkeys

Baby Sheldon and other BS

an animation is worth thousands and thousands of words


elf-men, pac-women, and looking in a mirror

ready, set, MIDDLE!

emailing brad pitt

chess kidding

mitchin' impossible

jokes from the hodgepodge lodge

comedy + music + pirates = fun!

v-day and monsters and vegans (oh my)

angels, special people (everyone), and kicking the writing brain into gear

i hope everyone won

lord of the (boxing) rings

pixar, english literature, and making friends

peanut butter is my jam

elephants, weddings, and nighttime

the ideal-est idealist idea list

L is for Lots of things

magicians, musicians, wands, hands

putting the "fun" in "(f)universal health care"

a detective story

europe, u up?

Afraid of death? Then are you opposite of the other thing? / Courageous of life? Joyful in the love it brings? / Don't have all the answers? Me neither. (Universe still buffering.)

somewhere over the brain go

some nice thoughts about Trees, Islands, Menus, and Everything

MLK does a spirit good

some of my writings on other writers' writings

meryl-y we roll along

it's a word; it's a phrase; it's Super-You!

giraffe and guilt goofs!

too many Jeffs spoil the broth?

As we move through time and space / We aim to create and find our place.