Sitemap - 2021 - Arty Har-Hars

you're running out of time to read this post this year but you'll have plenty of time to read it next year or any other year that the internet continues to exist so all good take your time breathe ah

a snow guy, a science man, and a sweet stuffed animal story

i'm making 3 lists, and checking them at least once

You're a sight for Soar-Rise / Remember how many people are striving to open their Third eye when someone calls you Four-Eyes.

Even if it sometimes seems that a warning looms / The universal tapestry is continually woven on a warming loom.

Heavy (like a weigh-in) / Light (like welcoming the day in).

happy all-the-days!

the tortoise moves slow and steady / so we can all go when ready

bonus grandma iris content

for my grandma's birthday, i offer you a story of the time she read "the lord of the rings"


a razor-sharp analogy for you to have under your belt

planet mirth

now i know my apple boot cats!

i'm pro-phile

from head to tale

bared to the bone

a festival of light-hearted jokes

purple friday

thanks, food, god

joker jokes

this is how we do it, mo money mo problems, and forrest gump

it's travel time!

haecceity and more

first, do no harm. second, do yes charm.

i double-dog bear you to read these.

surprise and shine!

clock and dagger

nothing could be finer than to be in carolina in the evening for two shows each tonight and tomorrow (and here are some jokes about the specific place i'll be)

book book, b'gock!

it's NOW-vember!

some adorable matters

trials, handbags, and myth-stories

SWAG! (Skeletons, Wizards, And Ghosts!)

who AREN'T you gonna call?

hallo, week! hope your halloweek is not a hollow week!

tweet's dragon

a number of letters

in magic nation

corn on the KOB

rainbows, butts, and tattoos, oh my!

lamb poetry

time and jerry

i was born today. (a different year.)

putting the "to be!" in october

just yabba dabba do it

warm and hammer

houdini, frasier, the karate kid, and more!

poem is where the heart is

on beans, divorce, and zombies

the ad channel

light scam era

on compassion, love, and forgiveness (classic comedy concepts!)

love, love, NORM

look up in the sky! it's a joke; it's a poem; it's...

mister spelling

love the player, love the game

om is where the art is

happy jewish and new year, everyone!

when the wind makes a joke that is golden

me and utah

from whoomp to shoop

a happy heist joke, a random rapunzel pun fun, and more!

fake money and real treasure

earthlings, spices, and selfies

jesus, politicians, spoilers, dancing, and more!

ancient rome, reincarnation, and lunch

now i know my A Bee Scenes


crouching cute jokes, hidden football

meal, devotion, care

i coin a bitcoin bit

i've got a lot on my (license) plate

preposterous! outlandish! weird! (POW!)

water water everywhere and some of it to drink

declarations and proclamations

on turtles & completism & who knows what else

which came first, the question or the e.g.?

Friends And More

snow white and the one hulk

poem arts and om parts

the latitude and longitude of gratitude and a lasagna 'tude

everything INCLUDING the kitchen sync

loaves, loves, & lives

joyful journey journaling

a jacuzzi, a peach, and a ten-year plan

TGI friendsday

pizza, trombones, life, and death

giraffes, the tin man, and scouts

what's the deal with fields and shields?

happy anniversary to me and rini!


herd of music jokes?

redress re: dress

heat or neat?

a heat secret missive

fractals, snow, and vanity

space, time travel, and schadenfreude

a repast of the past

hemingway, jesus, and me

poems about seeking, questing, and the sun

colors, meditation, and time travel

ghosts & robots

un-day and on-day

guarding my teeth at night and a woman's right to choose always

secrets and truths

scenic sprout

memory all day

a May zing

escher treasure pleasure

willem dafoe, benedict cumberbatch, god, and more

salt-n-pepa, nature, and pirates

palindromes, bud-indromes, and other friend-indromes

octopus opus

i'm but an imp pressin' the impression button

cute, short joke haiku(s) / why did i not think til now / to call them haikutes?

myth takes

what time do you go to the dentist? september!


what time do you go to the dentist? september!

uncover bands

fun, k?

mimes, fish, and self-driving cars

star wars har stores

did someone wish for 3 genie jokes?

waxing (and bruce wayne-ing) philosophic

remembering my sis, melissa

is schrödinger alive or dead?

peanut butter and jolly

roof goof proof

science, politics, and poetry

twain of thought

the greatest trick that auto-correct ever pulled was saying "good game"

a game of "tell a fun"

tide bites

no dearth of earth mirth

a preponderance of preposterous pond ponderings

frankenstein hearts moby dick

jesus, wiccans, and cars

horse cosplay poetry

RAW! (Reading And Writing!)

A is for Apple. F is for Facts.

snow business

foodies, flowers, worms / topics covered here today / jokes in haiku form

cinéma faux

april fuel!

silly bull syllables

niceness, joy, and other things pertaining to my experience of hip-hop

why is this passover different from all other passovers?

ever-ly clear, be

the "i love" garden

super here, oh!

hull king out!

someone who doesn't believe in god who is involved in committing an elaborate theft is an...


spring is about to sproing!

my beloved grandma iris died one year ago today

some thinklings

myq and the 3 goldilocks jokes

philosophy, truth, and hardly anything about recent awards ceremonies


amusin' spoon allusions & illusions

if you had to marry any trench...

lemons, clark kent, and a death bed

i sure know how to pickle 'em!

Into Notions of International Women's Day

you auto know

re: incarnations

a symphony of some funny

Urkel, Truman, Peter Pan, and Bender

i'll be here all weak

re: 'ptiles



just learned...

the weak, the meek, and the peak!

Happy Birthday, Mitch Hedberg


Between a Rocky and a "Har Har!" Place

(Not Too) Much Ado About To-Do Lists

Short and (let me finish) Sweet!

Nice Advice to Entice! Plus Invites!

Stop, Camel-Time!

Three of the shortest jokes I've ever written

Does Garfield REALLY hate Mondays?

Heart Nuggets

Ready, Set, Art Nuggets!

Art Nuggets!